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Taking flix w/ @bludreamer91

Happy birthday to the young prodigy @livsdipped! You’ve been through so much already its an honor to help you tell your story thru music. This is only the beginning for us. Enjoy your day! #Fam 🎊🎉🎇🎁

Just did a interview w/ westcoastfusiontv big ups to the homies for the opportunity

Don’t trust nobody but mine #Fam

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Twas a day in my room @unfucwitablelivs @dee_g90

Twas a shoot in my room @unfucwitablelivs @dee_g90

Shoutout to my bro the young genius @nickswanmusic. We got a project in the works bigger than anything I’ve ever done! #Relax #HellaPositive

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The trouble we get into 😒😒😒 @sunflowerbabiie #photocreditstomeofcourse

A couple from yesterday
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Hit him.up if you need a shoot

Reasons I love the bay

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Pre-Mixtape coming soon 🎶



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